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At Guernsey Rentals we appreciate that renting a property is a significant commitment on the part of the tenant. It is our goal to provide clear and accurate information at all times and a fair lease that reflects the obligations of both parties. We are keen to help people secure the right property for them, within their budget and for a term that suits both parties. Whilst we update our website regularly, it is always worth registering with us as we operate a large portfolio of quality properties and in many circumstances they may not make it directly to the market. Additionally, the market is competitive, we’ve compiled a short list below of some of things to bear in mind when looking for that ideal property.

Getting in the Door

The Guernsey Letting market is always competitive with a limited amount of property available. In order to secure a property, we would strongly advise that a tenant register with ourselves (and all other agents). Information is key and it is in everyone’s interest if we hold up to date relevant information on potential tenants in order to notify them of new properties as efficiently as possible.

Getting selected

Like most agents, Guernsey Rentals will run extensive background checks on all new potential tenants. The best advice we can give is to be upfront with the Agent at the start. For example; tell us if you have a pet, explain if you think that there may be a problem with your credit records.

To get yourself to the top of the list it helps if you meet as many of the below criteria as possible:
  • Employed with recent Salary slips or accounts if self-employed
  • Permanent staff member (probationary period passed)
  • No petty debt, county court or Royal court judgements (we are always willing to discuss/understand any spent judgements)

It will always help your application if you are able to provide the following information. Many prospective tenants find it helpful to collate this information and have it to hand:
  • Copy of Residency qualification (Status Declaration/Housing License)
  • Employers Reference
  • Previous landlords reference (if applicable), though we appreciate that in some cases your current landlord may not be aware you are looking)
  • Character references if a ‘first-time’ renter.
It goes without saying that the vast majority of properties will require a months’ deposit and rental payment in advance


We love them too, however not all landlords feel the same way and we will always specify on our property details if pets are an absolute no-no. That said, some properties are more suited to some types of pets than others. There are no hard and fast rules; but if you are thinking of getting a pet, consider how it will affect your ability to secure the type of rental that you want. For example, a 10-stone dog on a top-floor one-bedroom apartment may be unrealistic due to the Building Rules laid down by the residents association, but a house-cat may be less of a problem, whilst four house cats are not.

Regardless of the property and whether pets are permitted, you should be aware that many landlords will require a higher deposit or even insist on the tenant taking ‘Renters insurance’ to cover potential damage. Where possible we will clearly indicate the landlords thoughts on each properties’ details. Lastly, we have seen tenants plead non-pet ownership and then move them in after the lease has started. We always find out, you will be in breach of your lease, your lease will be terminated and you will lose your deposit. We’re reasonable people, so talk to us and we’ll try and find the right property for you and Fluffy from the outset.


The vast majority of landlords, quite rightly, are amenable to children as long as the property is large enough and has sufficient bedrooms.


In this day and age, we don’t have a single landlord that permits smoking within their property, as with most enclosed public places. So it's garden shed, driveway or porch and pick up the butts.

Good landlords

With all of the above, it would be easy for a prospective tenant to feel somewhat put upon or even undesired. Nothing could be further from the truth; our business thrives on having good tenants, many of whom have been with us for many years, often in different properties.

The one thing we can guarantee at Guernsey Rentals is that we vet our landlords also. If you have a problem with a Guernsey Rentals Property, we are available 24/7 in the case of an emergency. Your concern/problem will be dealt with consideration, interest and above all respect. We work with responsible landlords who understand the need for regular maintenance and that occasionally white goods will need to be replaced. We expect high standards from our tenants but will not work with landlords who don’t take their responsibility equally seriously.

Above all, if you pay the rent and look after the property, we will be practically invisible. We believe that tenants have a right to peacefully enjoy their property without unnecessary interruption.

If you have any general or property specific questions, we’d love to hear from you. Good tenants are as important to us as good landlords.

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